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5005 | DSLR-lens for filmtransfer View full size

5005 | DSLR-lens for filmtransfer

New! The first special optic for filmtransfer with DSLR- / SLS and professional filmcameras. Fix connection between optic, projector and camera. The optic can be used with all sensor sizes, as Micro 4/3, APS-C, full frame, Super 35. With aperture ring!

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Special-DSLR- / SLS-Optik for filmtransfer

The new generation of DSLR cameras have a good film function, large sensor sizes and many manual features. If you use these features, you have a great quality in filmtransfer.

You can transfer in connection with our special lamp (part.-Nr. 4000) and a projector that is modified to 16,66 fps (eg. ELMO GS-1200 or electroical Bauer Studioprojector).

We sell certain adaptor rings for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and so on, to make the optic suitable for your camera.

This optic has an own aperture ring. You can use it additionally to the brighness regulator of lamp 4000 and you can work with a very low ISO of your camera.

The sharpness will be set with the orange ring at the optic.

Due to the flexible rubber rings, the optic can easily be adapted to Standard 8.

After the transfer is done, you have to flip the image horizontically with a suitable software as Premiere Pro, Magix Deluxe etc.

This hightech optic is "made in Germany".

Read more about it at "Film-TV-Video" magazine.

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