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4000 | LED lamp for HD filmtransfer / variable with LCD display View full size

4000 | LED lamp for HD filmtransfer / variable with LCD display

A special LED lamp for HD filmtransfer that can be adjusted to any brightness.
The panel provides a LCD display, a fine and a course control. The LED fits into the holder of the usual halogen-lamps. It has an external power supply (24 V).

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270.00 €

tax incl. (19%)
Shipping weight: 0,5 kg

Light system for filmtransfer of 8 mm, Super 8 and 16 mm

This smoothly adjustable LED lamp is ideal for direct filmtransfer in HD. It fits into the lamp holder of almost every filmprojector.

It´s a high quality LED system with a power limiter.

For this lamp, 9 LEDs are used. An even light quality is guaranteed for the whole durance of about 50.000 hours.
The spreading of the light causes no "hotspot" or swaying at all.

With the help of the LCD panel and the fine and course control, the brightness can be adjusted very precisely.
There is no flickering.

To avoid any disturbances, the power providance is an extern 24 V power supply unit.

You can use the light system in spite of daylight or lamp light, it´s not necessary to work in a dark room.
You can build in the light system yourself easily, but we can lay the cable inside your projector, if you like.

Please mind that the light system works only in connection with a filmtransfer lens as part number 5001 or part number 5004.

A cinch cable and the 24 V power providance are included in the offer.

This article is made in Germany.

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