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3002 | Multiformat projector Bauer T 192 for filmtransfer View full size

3002 | Multiformat projector Bauer T 192 for filmtransfer

A multi format projector of the German brand Bauer, that is able to play super 8 and regular 8, also with magnetic sound. The projector has been modified for the filmtransfer with an own camcorder and it´s equipped with the filmtransfer lamp 4002 and the filmtransfer optic 5001.

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580.00 €

tax incl. (19%)
Shipping weight: 9 kg

Multi format projector, modified for filmtransfer with an own camcorder

The projector is equipped with our filmtransfer lamp, part number 4002, and with our Filmtransfer optic 5001. With a new drive shaft, the speed has been changed to 16,66 frames per second, so you can transfer the films without any flicker.
With a suitable camcorder (manual shutter, optical zoom of 12x and microphone input, if you want to transfer sound films) and this combination of projektor, optic and LED lamp, the super 8- / regular 8 films can be transfered easily and comfortably.
Just place the camcorder in front of the projector, record the film to a Mini-DV-cassette, the camera chip or to the PC/MAC (via FireWire). When the transfer is done, you can mirror the image with the help of a software like Magix deluxe or Premiere CS.
The image is transfered directly from the film surface without any deterioration that you get with glasscreen systems.
You can do the transfer without darkening the room.

Sequences that are too dark or too bright, can be corrected with the help of our LED lamp 4002, that is included in the offer. The lamp produces no "hotspot" (dark frames).
The brightness control panel has an extra power providance to avoid any interferences.

An empty filmreel, cables and manuals are included.

The projector is in a very good state and has been checked by a professional workshop. All items apart from the projector are new.