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1004 | Elmo GS-1200 Stereo with integrated camera

A high-tech studioprojector with integrated camera, following the example set by the legendary Elmo TRV.

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1 990.00 €

tax incl. (19%)
Shipping weight: 19 kg

Professional filmtransfer package solution for super 8

The projector is very well-preserved / all items apart from the projector are new

This offer includes:

  • Elmo GS-1200 stereo, modified
  • LED lamp with brightness control (fine and course) and LCD display part number 4001
  • miniature optic, developed for this application
  • camera part number 6005 as board variation, 1/3 inch, with blemish and gamma correction
  • all necessary cables

The camera creates images in brilliant quality. The signal is given out as Y/C. The additional compositor signal can be used as control image.

The unit can be moved without any problems. No settings or adjustments are necessary with this package solution.

The brightness can be controlled with the help of our LED lamp (part number 4001) and the comfortable control panel with LCD display. So you can correct sequences that are filmed too dark or too bright.

The unit can be connected to a PC/MAC with the help of a grabber. The package solution is also suitable to sight super 8 films at a TV.

The frequences of projector and camera are synchronized (16,66 frames per second instead of 18 fps), so a transfer without any flicker is guaranteed.

The camera is built in, where the original lamp used to be. The new lamp is built in at the position of the former optic.

In contrast to the Elmo TRV with its 220 TV lines, our camera provides 540 TV lines. The camera is preset by us, but you can use the functions blemish (for missing pixels), gamma correction and different white balances.
The camera outputs (Y/C and F-Bas) and the power providance of the camera are now build in at the backside of the projector.

The filmprojector:

The ELMO GS-1200 is one of the best super 8 projectors that have ever been built. The GS-1200 has four different engines and a huge reel capacity of 360 m. It provides relais control, a digital counter and a great sound quality. It plays magnetic sound and light sound films.

The camera:

sensor: CCD 1/3 "

image size: 752x582 - PAL

sensitiveness: 0,05 Lux (F1.2)

resolution: >540 TVL horizontal (Y/C)

shutter: manual up to 1/50

~ 1/100.000 sec                  



gain: manual

white balance auto/individual/manual

gamma: 0,45 (ON), 1,0 (OFF)

backlight-compensation: ON/OFF

power providance: DC 12 V ± 10 %, 175 mA